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Grant Garmezy Create Realistic Animal Sculptures Out Of 2,300-Degree Glass

For almost ten years I have been making sculptural glass objects with the intention of pushing the boundaries of glass sculpting to create something new and original.

Through this series, I wanted to recreate the idea of the hunter’s trophy using glass. Hot glass is an amazing material in that it can look look like any other material in the world – fur, wood, metal, stone, ice, fire, water – and the list goes on. I use this unique aspect of glass to help bring these trophies to life. By catching movement and adding spectacular color, I tried to create pieces that were recognizable yet spectacular.

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The metamorphosis of Orpheus, Abel-Dominique Boyé

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yes me sushi ! nigiri

avocado // mackerel 

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~Doll Chateau Christina~ FOR SALE!

She’s my beautiful fixer-upper project that I spent a lot of time with other the summer. But it’s time for her to fly!!

Everything in the pictures included; $380 including shipping~

She has a few knicks here and there from her previous owner, but nothing terrible. 
Message me / Email me for details!

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(со страницы satanthor)


Luigi uses his supernatural ability to see beyond human perception to sense an invisible pipe cover and remove it, making it visible.

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